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Rates and Wages

Our rates are based on the state Government minimum wages act (+) plus necessary legal liabilities as under:

Present minimum wages of state Government
+ Employees State Insurance Corp. (4.75%)
+ Employees Provident Fund (12%)
+ Administrative charges +EDLI Contribution (1.61%)
+ Services charges (negotiable) which is our meager margin
+ Services Tax (12.36%) will be extra on Gross Amount

Note*: The above rates provide PF, ESI, Bonus, Weekly and yearly offs & gratuity. The rates are based on minimum wages as providing on date and are for one unit of 8 hrs shift.

* Rates will be increased proportionally automatically as and when the Government announces increase in the minimum wages.

- The above rates are given for 8 hours duty only.
- Reliever charges 1/6th stand for weekly off.
- Service tax 12.36% will be extra On Gross Amount.
- Govt. & Gazette holiday will be charged extra.