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Management of House Keeping Facilities (Total Cleaning Program)

We provide manpower, materials and commercial cleaning equipment to deliver the best support services for a hygienic and hassle free environment. Stock book are maintained for materials consumed for your evolution. Apart from maintenance of the existing premises, we would advise on upkeep of interiors. Scope of work:

Daily Cleaning: This cover vertical areas/walls, office furniture, mechanical / electronic equipment, carpeted areas / hard floor.
Interim Cleaning: Apart from regular cleaning, this include cleaning of interiors with industrial cleaners. This exercise would be monitored and checked by supervisors.
Deep Cleaning: We undertake preventive maintenance cleaning depending on the surface area.
Cloak-Rooms: We do regular upkeep and maintain the most hygienic conditions stock books/checklist would be maintained on a regular basis.
Pest Control Solution: Anti termite proofing, general pest control, rodent control, carpet treatment, wood protection.

This total cleaning program is works with the following three tenets:

- High Quality of Cleanliness
- A compact Team
- Speed

What goes into the Total Cleaning Program?

Manpower - Our team has been in the hospitality industry with experience in the Indian market.

Cleaning agent from Colgate-Palmolive, an international organization founded in 1806, Diversey lever & Butcher has been the providers of superior product to the food service, lodging and maintenance industries for over many year.

There product has been specially tested and manufactured under stringent condition and have the environment protection approval of USA. The cleaning agents have been special formulated to handle the toughest of the situation and yet provided highest efficiency and economy of use.

Machines we bring the machines from internationally recognized name to suit different needs. Some of the company are:

Colgate-Polmolive France, Diversey lever, Bramil, Unger, Kiekens, Ghibli, Schmidt, Wap, etc. These firms have developed machines to handle a wide range of cleaning need and are designed to handle different surfaces (Floors, window, walls, ceilings) with maximum efficiency and economy. Some of the machines are Vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, Heavy-duty low notice wet & dry floor cleaner, High pressure jet- spray washers, manual wall scrapers, etc.

Our Commitments: we care for environment, we use bio-degradable cleaning agents and products.

Fire Fighting

Causes of Fire
- Careless disposal of matches, cigarette ends, pipe ashes, etc.
- Smoking in prohibited area.
- Pilling of domestic refuse without proper protection.
- Careless use of petrol
- Shorting of electrical circuits.
- Improper storage of inflammable materials

Types of fire
Solid Fire: It is fire occurring in any solid material such as coal, fabric, paper etc.
Liquid fire: This type of fire occurs in any inflammable liquid like petrol, oil etc.
Electric fire: It occurs as result of shorting of electrical circuit.
Gas fire: It occurs in any inflammable gas
Metallic Fires: It occurs in metals.