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Horticulture is a field that deals with the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices and Mushrooms. Apex Enterprises is concentrating its efforts for the overall development of cultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices and mushroom in the state by way of providing various valuable information, incentives and guidance to the orchardists/farmers of the state.

Detail of services being provided

Apex Enterprises provides extension services to the people who wish to establish orchards/vegetable farms/mushroom cultivation/flower cultivation and spices cultivation through various Central Sponsored Schemes under Macro Management Mode viz.

- Plantation assistance for planting orchards under its area expansion programme.
- Assistance for adopting hybrid vegetable seeds for vegetable cultivation to replace the use of traditional seeds.
- Assistance for Integrated Management of pest and diseases.
- Assistance for promotion of Organic farming system in horticulture crops.
- Assistance for use of plastics in horticulture.
- Assistance for popularization of Commercial Floriculture.
- Supply of various true to type, disease free and high yielding fruit plants at approved Govt. rates at various Govt. Garden and Nurseries situated in the State.