Security, Placement, Labour Contractor, House Keeping, Horticulture  
Backend Support, Real Estate, Liaison, Contractor & Manpower Consultants
Why us?

- Our personnel canít become member of any union.
- Preventing misuse of electricity, water and other resources.
- We pay utmost attention during strike and labour unrest.
- Our staff is well trained in fire fighting.
- Our personnelís and officers will be available under all circumstances.
- We are registered with E.S.I.C. & P.F.
- We recruit security personnel, EX-SERVICEMEN from all the three services i.e. Army, Navy, Air Force, Police and intelligence.

Our Responsibilities:

The persons engaged rendering the above noted services will be on our roll and we are fully responsible to comply with the provisions of the following acts:

- To provide qualified and trained manpower, in accordance with contract requirements.
- To provide suitable uniforms to its entire staff (If applicable).
- To pay wages as per government wages act and to comply with all labour rules and regulations.
- To obtain contract labour licence as and when required, as per the states labour laws applicable for inspection.
- All records pertaining to staff salaries, wages and benefits are maintained at our offices and will be available for inspection.
- We will provide separate E.S.I.C. & P.F. Challan every month.
- We will provide wages / salary slip to our employees.
- We will provide photocopy of attendance register & wages register every month.
- Every employee undergoes a complete medical check-up, and reports are maintained in our office files.