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General Terms and Conditions

We are ready to take up the job for providing guards at your premises on the following term and condition for a period of one

- We provide guards at the above mentioned site as given in Para 4 below and shall be responsible for all allied problem.
- We will provide smart and discipline guard who are trained, they will be physically fit.
- The guard employed by us will be performing duty in proper uniform which will be provided by us. In case of special uniform is required to be worn in that case the cost of uniform will be borne by you.
- The minimum number of guards to be deployed at the site on all the working days.
- Different set of guards will be provided in each shift and resorting to deployment on over time to make up of staff will not be practice.
- In case of emergency we will provide extra manpower on agreed rate at sort notice.
- You will be not employ our personnel directly / indirectly.
- The present rates are based on the minimum wages in the state of Haryana. May these be revised will be request you to enhance them accordingly.
- Either of us can terminate the contract by giving one month’s notice or bill money in lieu of it.
- Income tax as applicable can be deducted from our monthly bills. The T.D.S. certificates will be provided by you as required under statute.
- Please return the duplicate of this latter duly sign and stamped by you as a token of your acceptance.
- Agreement will be make for one year.
- Our bills are submitted to our clients on the 1st of each month payable to us by the 5th of the same month through A/C Payee’s cheque payable at Gurgaon.
- The strength of the personnel will be decide after we discussed the security requirements and carried a detail survey of our esteemed organization subject to your acceptance.
- Written order may be placed in our name giving details of vacancies. The requirement should be indicate the age, experience, qualification & salary offer to the prospective.
- Our services charges are “ one month” gross salary as per the appointment letter issued in our name for raising the bill.
- Copy of appointment letter must be given to us for our needs.
- You are requested to release our payment within 15 Day’s after our candidate’s date of joining.
- No profession fee will be charged for the handicapped and widow candidates.
- All resumes are our property and same should returned except selected candidates.
- All disputes subject to the Jurisdiction of Gurgaon Court Only.
- Non of our forwarded candidate can be absorbed through any other consultants or directly by your esteemed organization if not selected your interviews with in two year of such interviews.